I have been a client at Fiddlehead for many years. I went to about 5 or so different offices trying them out and when I settled at Fiddlehead I have never had to look for another dental office. All of the people that I work with are friendly and they do an excellent job with my teeth. If you look up “awesome” in the dictionary I think there may be a picture of Chuck and Linda. Depends on what edition you have.
— Melody
When I was a child I remember two things about going to the dentist. One of them was that I would get a coupon for a free McDonald’s cheeseburger after going. The other was that it was just plain unpleasant. Thankfully, those memories are long behind me, thanks in part to the Fiddlehead Dental Family.

I love that when I walk in I’m greeted by name. It’s such a small gesture but it’s so important to create a welcoming atmosphere. They know me, and everyone else that walks in the door. The building is a wonderful use of an old piece of property, using the open concept to create a relaxing environment where you can hear neighbors catching up, laughter, and good natured ribbing where appropriate.

I’ve been fortunate that in every visit in our family’s years there I’ve had a Hygenist who, again, knows me. It’s wonderful to be able to look at my cleaning as the thing we “eventually have to get to” after catching up on our kids, their lives, our lives. I’m not a task for Mary Kay, for instance. It would be just as pleasant if she were cleaning my teeth in a chair in her backyard on a warm summer day. Doctors Linda and Chuck are beyond pleasant and good natured, which is what makes the whole place spin so perfectly.

If you’re reading this to determine whether you would consider using Fiddlehead Dental, I can assure you that our family of five have better dental health and better attitudes about it because of our experience with them. I can honestly say that I no longer agonize about going to the dentist. And I don’t miss the free cheeseburger.
— Barry
After breaking one of my teeth in half, and being very afraid of the drill, I was very nervous of what I had in store. Now writing this minutes after the CEREC® procedure, I walk away amazed at the professionalism and technology that Fiddlehead has to offer. I ALMOST can’t wait to come back, almost.
— Chris Caster
I have been a patient at Fiddlehead Family Dentistry for about three years now. A dentist appointment is never a pleasant experience for me. Everyone is very friendly. The atmosphere the employees create is such a visible sincere harmonious work enviornment; one can relax and feel at ease. Dr. Lynda and Dr. Chuck are the greatest. They are always concerned about your comfort and well being.
— AB
Dedicated to excellent care, sincere and professional, Dr. Lynda and Dr. Chuck have been caring for my family for over 10 years. We actually like to go to the dentist! Dr. Lynda’s amazing cosmetic dentistry skills gave me the smile I never had. Since I was a child I hated my teeth. Dr. Lynda changed all of that and now I love my smile. The incredible thing is that she is just as happy about it as I am! As a nurse for 20 years I am quick to recognize health care professionals that truly care about the patient and Drs. Ulrich and Verderber demonstrate this on a daily basis.
— Michele
My dental experience with you has been phenomenal and miraculous!! Several years ago when I first arrived at your office I was terrified - my childhood dental trauma was with me. With much understanding, patience and reassurance you not only transformed my teeth, but my confidence as well. My partials are indeed beautiful - they look and feel very natural. Thank you for the great work and for being so personable as well!
— Sandy Fiaschetti
In the summer of 2004, on a Friday evening at a campsite, I broke four teeth in the upper right quadrant. A couple of days later, Dr. Lynda spent her Sunday afternoon crafting a temporary bridge, aka a flipper. She explained to me the damage that had occurred and informed me not to despair; things would get better. A few days later, after a thorough review and analysis, x-rays and impressions, Dr. Chuck explained my options. Because of the severity of the break, I had two choices - false teeth or dental implants. Although dental implants sounded great and the benefits seemed enormous, there were some further discussions, Dr. Chuck laid out a timeline for the implants and arranged for a consult with Dr. Brian Huber. The rest is history. Dr. Huber precisely removed the exposed root and placed four dental implants into the jawbone. Six months later, after ensuring the implants and the tissue healed well, Dr. Chuck expertly designed the crowns and attached them to the implanted posts. I’m still amazed by the amount of craftsmanship and precision that is involved. The crowns looked great and fit just right. Best of all, I said goodbye to my flipper. I made the right choice. Implants obviously cost more than false teeth; but, on the other hand, they last a lifetime and feel like real teeth. Oh yeah, the pain was tolerable and lasted two days and the swelling was minimal and controlled with ice packs.
Fiddlehead is the only place I will go! I have a deep-seated fear of dental work but Chuck, Lynda and Janet are patient, understanding, and have earned my complete trust.
— Martha - patient since 1989
My family has been going to Fiddlehead for about a year now. I have had to have some dental work done throughout this time and every time I am treated with kindness and respect. They are an amazing group and am so happy found them.
— Stephanie
My wife and I have been with Fiddlehead Family Dentistry since the year 2000 following our move from California. We were referred to the practice by family members. Drs Lynda and Chuck are skillful in every sense of the word. Besides our confidence in the two great doctors, we enjoy the family atmosphere and the professionalism of the support staff, from the dental hygienists to the front-office personnel. And that’s why Fiddlehead Family Dentistry meets our dental needs.
I’m one of those people who gets extremely anxious about going to the dentist, even for a cleaning. Ever since finding Fiddlehead, my dental experiences have been so much better. Dr. Chuck and Linda and all the staff are so kind and truly care about how you are doing, how you feel, and your experience. Their quality of care is excellent and their customer service is even better. I would recommend Fiddlehead to anyone!
— Kate
Awesome place to go for any kind out work that is needed to be done! The staff it’s friendly, cheerful, always willing to go the extra mile, and professional. I highly recommend this team for any of your dental needs.
— Ryan
At 95 I still enjoy going to the dentist!
— Maddie
For the past eleven years I have had the pleasure of getting to know the highly qualified professionals at Fiddlehead Dental. The dental care my family and I have received has always been excellent which is enough of a reason to continue with this practice but there are many more reasons. Drs. Lynda and Chuck treat everyone with such respect and genuineness. You know they are happy to see you either in the office or at the mall. Their staff is the same way. Over the years I have learned how the power of positivity is nurtured in the office, from starting staff meetings with favorite quotes, celebrating at restaurants, organizing community yard sales to benefit local charities, and the list goes on. I’m tempted to go on at length about being able to get to know the staff, enjoying a variety of conversational topics with the doctors, learning from their very informative blog, being engrossed by Ever Widening Circles but the reason you are reading this review is to find out about dental care...don’t hesitate to call Fiddlehead Dental for an appointment. They will not disappoint you!
— Kathy O.