Mountain Dew and the Mouse

OK... Here's a gross-out story that might cause us to pause next time we consider chugging down a soda....

In 2012 a man tried to sue Pepsi Co., saying that he opened a Mountain Dew soda and found a dead mouse in it.  The claimant reportedly vomited after a swig of the soda (bottled 15 months earlier) and then dumped the contents into a Styrofoam cup and found the mouse.

What was Pepsi Co's winning defense:

source: npr

source: npr

According to the company's experts... Not possible! - Mountain Dew would have reduced that mouse to jelly by the time it was opened 15 months after bottling.  Pepsi lawyers argue identifying the mouse would be impossible at that point.

So,... according to Pepsi Co,.... the product that we drink is so acidic that it will dissolve bones, hair and teeth into an unrecognizable state!

I think I speak for all normal thinking people and give this logic a resounding "YUCK!",.. on SO many levels!

I recently saw a new patient who had just had his teeth restored a year ago in North Carolina.  He needed 6 new fillings, in less than a year.  When I asked him about his habits he was offended that I would even suggest that he drank soda.  (He thought of himself as VERY careful about his diet.)  He drinks a "healthier" powdered diet drink mix that you add to water called "Total light To Go".  I looked up the main ingredients: 3 different acids!   And to make matters worse, he drinks it all evening and has it beside his bed on the night stand.  He takes a few sips every few hours for dry mouth, through the night!

Yikes!!!!  He will NEVER get off the dental treadmill!

Numerous scientific studies have found that the acid in Mountain Dew and other snack drinks would break down the chemical bonds in our teeth just the same way,.. so it's logical that it would act on the mouse bones in the same way.

Sounds like a recipe for "Mouse Jelly" to me!

So folks.... We have yet another reason to warm-up to plain water as our drink of choice.

And when you want to splurge:   Chug that good ol' standard - Chocolate Milk!

Want to see how your favorite drinks stacks up to Vinegar's pH (2.4 to 3.4)?  Check out this acidity chart!

source: sunningdaledentalblog

source: sunningdaledentalblog

If your concerned about your teeth because of your past or present beverage choices give us a call!