How do I care for my temporary crowns?

Care instructions for temporary crowns

  1. If your temporary crown should come off, try to reach one of our dentists as soon as possible, even if the exposed tooth does not hurt! Without the temporary crown in place, your tooth will begin to move out of place within 48 hours and your permanent crown may not fit when it comes back from the lab. To avoid the added expense and time that would be necessary to completely re-make your crown in that event, please let us know if your crown has come off as soon as possible.

  2. To avoid loosening your temporary crown it is important that you floss around your tooth in a different way. Do not pull the floss down between your teeth and then pull up to remove the floss. The edges on your temporary crown are slightly rough and it is easy to catch an edge and pop the crown right out. The best way to floss is to put the floss in between the teeth as usual, but then pull the floss out to the side of the tooth, as if you were sewing.

  3. Common sense will be your best guide when chewing foods on your temporary crown. Candy or sticky foods of any sort may pull your temporary crown out. Completely avoid gum, desserts with a tacky consistency, and snacks or candy that are sticky.

  4. It is normal to have some gum irritation for several days after your temporary crown is placed. Three Advil® or two Tylenol® might be used as an anti-inflammatory if your sensitivity is more than mild. If you have a bothersome tooth ache, or the irritation lasts for more than several days, please call the dentists at home or the office to let them know about it. As the old adage says "Discomfort is unavoidable, but suffering is optional." Don't suffer.

  5. Your temporary crown is made of materials that will not be predictable after 6 weeks. After that amount of time the temporary crown may begin to leak, break down, or wear in a severe manner. Your gums will begin to deteriorate around the crown as well. After 7 weeks, your new crown may not fit at all because of the changes in your tooth. To avoid the added expense and time to completely remake the crown, be sure to return for your permanent crown cementation as scheduled. Do not put off that appointment.
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