"Our mission is to see that our patients have the best chance of keeping their teeth for their entire life."

Since August of 1993 Fiddlehead Dental has followed these principles:

Exceptional Dental Care

Our patients will always have the most up-to-date technology, materials, and recommendations from our doctors. And our seasoned team will provide our patients with an old-fashioned sense of belonging, in an unhurried environment of warm familiarity.   

Our Patients

We will strive to fill our practice with people who want to keep their teeth their whole life, and those who want to keep their remaining teeth in good health. They will be patients of every age and every walk of life. Our patients will be pleasant people who come to us specifically because they appreciate personalized care and want a dental home they can count on, like part of the family.

Dental Team

Our team will be filled with people who always strive for their personal best and who are excited about their continuing personal and professional growth. They will be people who have an innate positive attitude that inspires others, who are compassionate, and who value their role in the lives of their patients. Our team members will be compensated for their efforts in many ways, including the “peace of mind” that comes from working in a fun, supportive and stimulating environment. They will be flexible, easy going and have a good sense of humor. And together, we will create something special here at Fiddlehead: a legacy of care that will long outlast us all as individuals. 

Systems to Personalize Care

Our team will work in a synchronized way as the picture of order and meticulous follow-up. Our systems will be designed to make sure every patient feels like they were the only person we saw that day. We will cross-train, constantly innovate, and continually ask ourselves better questions, in order to come up with better answers to our challenges.

Promotional Philosophy

We will promote ourselves by sending patients out of our office with such uniquely pleasant experiences, that they will become raving fans, sending many like-minded people back through our front door.