Dr. Lynda and her daughter, Liesl, have created a global website that strives to be The Nicest Place on the web: 
 Ever Widening Circles


In the winter of 2014, Dr. Lynda was so tired of the negativity of the 24-hour news cycle that she decided to do something about it: She created a place on the web where people around the globe can go for positive, fact-checked articles about the good things in the world we share.

Ever Widening Circles (EWC) is a mission to prove it is still an amazing world. Our aim is to change the negative dialogue about our times by curating the web for all the newsworthy insight and innovation going uncelebrated in the mass media.  

From the beginning, what has made us refreshingly unique on the internet is our promise of no politics and no commercial biases.

That commitment has made us a place for all, and we aim to be regarded as the most trusted, nicest place on the web.

And after over 1000 articles, we can all now relax and believe it.

So far, Ever Widening Circles has regular viewers from over 190 countries, 170,000 facebook fans, and over 135,000 page views per month. EWC even went viral in may of 2018 when word of the site made it to the front page of Reddit and 1.7 million request crashed the site’s servers! (We later learned is what’s called the “Reddit hug of death”.)

And now, Dr. Lynda has started a movement!


Join this effort to move the internet to the next level: a place where insight, good intention, and innovation gets the spotlight!

It seems there really is a need for some good news from all corners of the world.  Click here to visit Ever Widening Circles if you are sill open, curious, and hopeful!  

Here's more from Dr. Lynda if you are curious:

We have no special interest or agenda at Ever Widening Circles, except to go on a journey together, sharing and exploring the extraordinary things in our world. There is so much of that! After tucking into a handful of our articles, you will be amazed, and maybe walk a little taller!

Think of Ever Widening Circles (EWC) as a museum of the human experience: a place where the very best wonders and ideas can be found. For instance, you may know that only 2% of the Smithsonian Museum’s collection is on display at any one time, and there is a team of people (curators) who are constantly combing through the vast collection in the museum’s nether regions to help us make the most of our limited time spent in their exhibits.


These curators show us the most important, moving, and relevant pieces after they have proven without a shadow of a doubt the legitimacy of each piece. We will do the same. Even if we absolutely love something, we will not post it unless the sources and facts can be verified.

One of our goals is to demonstrate that the world is still remarkably positive and full of possibility, and we don’t have to write about things that are too-good-to-be-true to do that! 

Join us daily and see if you don’t feel better about the world!

We are building something together that never existed before and can change the future: one mind expanded, one new connection, one creative spark at a time.

Dr. Chuck and I are just ordinary, nice people trying to make the world a little better for everyone. We have lived and traveled the world our whole lives, and know it to be an amazing place where most people are good, possibility is thriving, and wonders never cease. We run this website to share our good fortune and expand the potential for everyone.

Join us at Ever Widening Circles for a dose of good news!