There's no sense having a smile that looks twenty years
older than you do!

At Fiddlehead Dental we have mastered a wide range of "smile makeover options." Fortunately, getting the smile you always wanted is possible, and it does not have to cost as much as a second mortgage. 

We want your smile to compliment your best inner nature! 

Why Fiddlehead?

Dr. Lynda's  background as an artist has created a word-of-mouth stream of new patients who come from as far as New York City, Maine, North Carolina and distant areas of Vermont seeking smile transformations. Cosmetic dentistry is a natural expression of Dr. Lynda's artistic talents. She has been a paid artist since her teens: designing commercial logos, jewelry, fabrics and painting wall-sized murals throughout her high school and university years to help pay the bills. Now, she enjoys a lot of photography and creates giant metal sculptures with her welding skills.  With Dr. Lynda's combination of artistic talent and dental expertise, Cosmetic Dentistry comes naturally to her.

"Cosmetic Dentistry" is the new vogue marketing label in dentistry, but the label doesn't ensure quality practices or expertise. Before you invest a lot of money with a dentist who claims to have mastered cosmetic dentistry,  ask them to show you volumes of BEFORE / AFTER photos.  (Be sure to ask if they are "untouched" photos of THEIR OWN patients.) Any dentist with a real passion for this unusual form of art would have taken Before/After photos of almost every case. We have literally thousands of before and after photos, and have written our own book on the subject.

You should love the results you see in the pictures. Every good cosmetic dentist has their own "style" and they should be able to show you a wide variety of possibilities.

CONSUMER TIP: If a dentist is proposing significant cosmetic changes for you, but can't produce hundreds of photos with a moment's notice, they probably do not have the experience or interest in detail that you want to gamble with. 

Our Services

There are just so many options for repairing cosmetic problems.

Worn down, sharp, or irregular teeth?  
Are your teeth "shorter"? Think about it! Are the edges of your front teeth chipped and jagged? This is from a process called "posterior bite collapse" or it is because your "bite" has never been in good balance. Most people with this problem have been told it would take tens of thousands of dollars to repair. NOT TRUE! We have restored many, many worn down smiles very economically with COSMETIC BONDING

Dark or yellowing teeth? 
We use effective TOOTH WHITENING systems that are the first of their kind to be accepted by the American Dental Association.

Black old fillings that darken your smile?
We can replace blackening old fillings with CEREC® all porcelain restorations instead of crowns. Computerized dentistry, is the future of restorative dentistry and makes other forms of treatment like conventional "crowns" seem much too invasive.


Ugly old crowns with black edges? 
CEREC® technology can replace ugly old crowns too... In one visit... with beautiful all porcelain crowns.

Crooked Teeth?
In our office, we can handle mild to moderate orthodontic problems with a new technology called INVISALIGN®.  This new technology uses no metal wires or brackets! 

Missing Teeth?
We can replace missing teeth without changing neighboring teeth with IMPLANT SUPPORTED CROWNS.

Denture Loose or Ill Fitting?
We can even make dentures that fit and feel like natural teeth with IMPLANT RETAINED DENTURES. Learn more about dental implants by clicking here

Gaps and Spaces?
One of the most common problems we work to correct are spaces that develop over time as teeth shift, or shifting after people stopped wearing their retainers. You can see numerous before/after photos of our "Cosmetic Bonding" techniques to close spaces on our Smile Gallery page, and scroll down there too to see many of our Invisalign before/after photos!


Want to learn more?

Head on over to our "Smile Gallery" to see more before/after photos of the various cosmetic options for you.

No case at Fiddlehead Dental is ever treated the same. So, if you have lingering concerns about what service is best for you or want to talk about potential treatment plans, please contact us with your questions.

Give us a call to schedule a consultation, and we can explain all your options!