Why so many people love the Fiddlehead Philosophy...

We don't lecture... So, put your mind at ease.  Dr. Chuck and Dr. Lynda just don't have a "blame" mentality. We will start fresh, wherever you are, and move forward at your pace.
We will not give you expensive ultimatums... We'll give you a thorough explanation of all your options, and we are happy to help you with your choice.
We have all the most modern "comfort technology"...  Many new patients remark that they never knew the kind of things we use for patient comfort even existed! Every day numerous patients sit up after their visit and happily say, "That's it?! I'm done? That wasn't bad at all!" 

You will always feel like you are in the company of friends here because the majority of our patients and staff have been together for decades! Whether you need a dental cleaning or a comprehensive plan to restore your smile, we are just the place for you! 

Since 2003, we have been among the most innovative 1% of dentist in the world by using computers and 3D technology to restore teeth.

Our patients have had the most up-to-date care possible for 25 years. We were among the first wave of dentists to use digital technology and the web to improve patient care and communication (1996). We were the first to use tiny cameras for the mouth in every room (1997) in order to improve the precision of our work and patients' understanding of their options.  We were using lasers as early as 2007, and we invented a new way to numb your teeth (2011) that is far less painful. 

All in all, several times each week we get a new patient calling because their friend or co-worker was raving about what a terrific experience they had in our office.  

We are also incredibly proud of the way we change lives every week with affordable cosmetic dentistry. We are artists in our family and our skills come through in all aspect of our services. ***And by the way... every photo you see on this website is one of our own patients, our own personal photography, or images of our own family. Even all the flower photos throughout the website are those from our artistic daughter, the person who designed and built this website. We will care for you like we cared about every detail of this website! Enjoy! 

We are welcoming new patients of all ages and look forward to becoming your new dental home
Give us a call or send us a text to 802-524-9774!