Most people are surprised to learn that their general health can be effected by broken or missing teeth.  Scientific connections are now known between the health of your teeth and diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, acid reflux, etc.. 

From time to time, it is helpful to look into the future 15-20 years and recognize the path you are on. 

If you are honest with yourself, does it look like your teeth will be serving you well or are they on a path to slow deterioration over time?  

Teeth can be like an old pair of shoes: comfortable but wearing down. Unfortunately, as this slow deterioration occurs, teeth will shift and go missing, one broken tooth or toothache at a time. 

Missing teeth give you a "broken down smile". 

Even more distressing is that missing or shifting teeth will accelerate the wearing down of your remaining good teeth by 7 times! 

Here's why:

When you loose teeth, the other teeth around the space will always move until they find something to hit.  This often causes very complex "bite" problems and/or jaw joint dysfunction.  Without really being aware of it, people with shifting and missing teeth start making food choices that favor things that are easier to eat. But those things are usually carbohydrates and the slippery slope begins.  More carbs means weight gain, and that leads to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.

Most people don't even realize their diet is changing to suit the state of their teeth. . The resulting shifting of other teeth, can cripple your self-esteem and your image in business and social settings. 

One tooth missing can cause the position of other teeth to change. Shifting and Drifting teeth could lead to changes in your chewing muscles, bones and joints, making chewing difficult or painful. Teeth that have moved out of their normal position can tip over and become hard to clean. This can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

The bottom-line is this: If you do not consistently maintain the health of your teeth, you will begin to lose them exactly when you most need them - in mid-life or shortly thereafter. 

Fortunately, here in the 21st century, there is no reason for folks to lose their teeth if they have a prevention mindset. Technology now allows us to restore teeth with almost any problem.

“Wellness” issues, such as self-esteem and social acceptance, are also improved by having a healthy and youthful looking smile.  A beautiful smile and sparkling eyes are often considered reflections of a charming and intelligent nature.

In this day and age, there is no sense having a smile that looks 20 years older than you do!

You have many, many choices now for repair or replacement of teeth. 

At Fiddlehead Dental we will always explain your options, detail the time and financial commitments involved with each, and give you our best advice about which option is best for you. Call us to schedule an appointment so you can an informed decision that you are happy with.